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Get Selfie-Ready with Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

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Get Selfie-Ready with Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Brunette woman in front of blue background taking selfie to show off full, plump lips after fillersDo you have lips that are thinner than you’d like? Full, plump lips are a sign of youthfulness and vitality, but many people have lips that are either naturally thin or have thinned out with age. Thin or asymmetrical lips can make you self-conscious about your smile, and you may end up avoiding photos or using makeup or filters to create an impression of plumper lips.

Here at Burgess Plastic Surgery in Portland, OR, we offer a number of injectable fillers that can be used to plump and shape the lips. Lip filler injections are a quick and relatively painless procedure, with immediately visible results. Call our office at 503-699-6464 to schedule your appointment today.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

Plumping your lips with fillers is a safe and effective way to get a full, youthful pout. Today, there are many different types of fillers on the market, each designed to accomplish a specific function, such as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, augmenting the cheeks or chin, or augmenting the lips.

Gone are the days when lip fillers could look unnatural or give you “duck lips”; we are able to give you beautiful, natural results that are harmonious with your facial features. Other benefits of lip fillers include:

  • Short treatment time requiring no incisions
  • Relatively short healing time; you will have some bruising and swelling, but with proper care this should subside over a few days
  • Highly customizable to each individual
  • Reversible should you for some reason decide you don’t like your new, fuller lips

We will listen carefully to your concerns and goals during your appointment and help you to achieve the best results possible.

Combination Injectable and Non-Surgical Treatments

If you have other concerns besides just your lips, such as wrinkles or volume loss, we can perform multiple injectable and non-surgical treatments at the same time in what’s known as a “liquid facelift.” Common combination treatments include:

  • BOTOX™, Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau: These treatments help to smooth expression lines in the upper face. If you have crow’s feet, forehead lines, or deep lines between the brows (also known as “11s”), consider one of these treatments.
  • Dermal fillers: Aside from the lips, dermal fillers can also help to give you more pronounced cheekbones, reduce small lines around the lips, smooth nasolabial folds, enhance the chin, and more.
  • Non-surgical skin tightening: If you’re just beginning to see signs of laxity and drooping in your skin, a non-surgical skin tightening procedure such as Ultherapy or ThermiTight may help.

Combining these procedures can revive and refresh your appearance significantly, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident when friends or family whip out the camera.

Schedule Your Lip Augmentation Appointment Today

If you’re interested in plumping your lips with dermal fillers, please call Burgess Plastic Surgery today at 503-699-6464 to schedule your appointment. We serve patients in Lake Oswego and other nearby areas of greater Portland, Oregon.

Is Jeuveau™ the New BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Woman with style hair making an ironic face and wondering about Newtox injections

There’s a new injectable neurotoxin on the block, and its name is Jeuveau™. It’s also been lovingly coined “NewTox,” because it works the same way as BOTOX® Cosmetic. One is not better than the other, but treatments may indicate that Jeuveau™ injections may last longer. We also know many of our patients are BOTOX® loyalists, and we still trust its results, reputation and efficacy as well. Therefore, we’re happy to provide both of these options to patients at our Lake Oswego practice. Give both a try and see which one you prefer! To learn more, please call Burgess Plastic Surgery at 503-699-6464.

Hello, Jeuveau™: Another Option for Facial Rejuvenation

Jeuveau™ – a name inspired by “nouveau,” meaning “new” – is highly structurally similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic. This NewTox injectable was FDA-approved specifically for cosmetic rejuvenation this past February, which means it has received the FDA’s stamp of approval for safety and effectiveness for its intended use.

Jeuveau™ is FDA approved to treat:

  • Vertical lines between eyebrows (also called glabellar lines or “11s”)

The two injectables are different strains of the same toxin. BOTOX® is onabotulinumA, while Jeuveau™ is prabotulinumtoxinA. The former is created by Allergan at their Westport, Ireland facility, while the latter comes to us from the company Evolus, out of Seoul, South Korea. The injections work the same way, by temporarily halting the over-activity of specific muscles that cause furrows and wrinkles. Both injectables allow you to retain your emotive expression, but simply relax the contractions that cause unsightly wrinkles.

The Jeuveau™ Treatment Process

This fast, no-downtime treatment includes the following:

  • Visit our office for the injection appointment
  • Relax while we inject Jeuveau™ in the treatment areas
  • Leave the office with the option to get right back to your normal routine – there’s no downtime

The vast majority of people describe these injections as extremely tolerable. Most people don’t even need a topical anesthetic. You will feel a slight prick as the injection is administered.

Patients can start to see results around 3-5 days after injection, with full results expected by 2 weeks. The results may last 3-4 months, just like BOTOX®, and potentially a little longer. You can schedule another injection appointment after 90 days to maintain the effect.

“I had it on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday morning, my forehead was smooth and lines were erased. I feel that it set up quickly and with greater results”  -happy patient from Burgess Plastic Surgery

Ready to Give  Jeuveau™ a Try?

Burgess Plastic Surgery is excited to offer the new kid on the block – Jeuveau™. It’s one of several injectables offered so that we can tailor treatment to you and your skin. To learn more, please call the practice of board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Elisa A. Burgess at 503-699-6464. We are passionate about providing results for our patients. Men and women from Portland and across the surrounding areas visit us at our Lake Oswego practice.

Botox in Oregon -The First Step In Fighting Aging

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Using Botox® as the First Line of Defense

Botox Oregon
Facial plastic surgeries such as facelifts and eyelid surgery are very common in the United States. Men and women from their 40s to 60s opt for these procedures to turn back the hands of time for a youthful look. However, millions of people are taking action much earlier in order to slow and prevent these visible signs of aging. With the wrinkle-fighting results that Botox® provides without incisions, people are becoming much more proactive in the fight against visible signs of aging.


Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Just over a decade ago, Botox® was FDA-approved and since then its popularity has consistently grown. Learn more about the historic rise of this facial injection.

Thumbs Up for Cheek Filler

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Juvederm could be FDA approved for cheek augmentation later this year.

girl in bushesA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel has recommended that the agency approve Juvéderm Voluma XC for cheek augmentation. Approval would make Juvederm the first injectable dermal filler with FDA indications for mid-face volume restoration.

A gel composed of hyaluronic acid suspended in phosphate buffered saline with 0.3 percent Lidocaine, Juvéderm Voluma helps restore deep volume loss and smooths the mid-face, rejuvenating sunken areas around the cheeks, re-creating youthful contour and fullness. The results are instant, natural looking and can last up to 18 months. There’s little if any downtime – most people resume normal activities immediately.

Based on the clinical trial data presented, the FDA’s General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel agreed that the product is effective and safe and the benefits outweigh the risks. The most frequent common treatment site responses (CTRs) reported in the trial were tenderness, swelling, and firmness.

FDA reviewers noted that the incidence of CTRs decreased for subjects receiving touch-up and repeat treatments. More than half (52.8 percent) of subjects received the optional retreatment at the end of the extended follow-up period “suggesting these subjects perceived an acceptable benefit/risk profile for [its] continued use,” the reviewers said.

An additional consensus was that Juvéderm Voluma XC fills more than cheeks, meeting the needs of what people want in plastic surgery. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), in 2012 nearly 2 million people had soft tissue filler augmentation, representing a 205 percent increase since 2000.

Photo: by Alaskan Dude on Flickr

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