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Women who are dissatisfied with the size, projection or shape of their breasts may turn to cosmetic breast surgery as a means to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Whether the patient wishes to correct an anatomic issue or one that has occurred over time, Portland’s Dr. Elisa Burgess performs a variety of breast surgeries including:

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure uses saline, round silicone, or shaped silicone implants that increase the size or improve the shape and projection of the breasts. Many options exist when it comes to breast implant augmentation. Dr. Burgess is experienced and can guide patients through the necessary steps, as well as provide complimentary breast implant sizing and Crisalix 3D simulator.

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Breast Lift or Breast Lift with Augmentation

Patients who struggle with breasts that have begun to sag over time turn to breast lift (or mastopexy) as a means to provide a more youthful appearance. Using excision and sometimes liposuction, excess skin and tissue are removed and the breast and nipple are lifted to achieve the desired result.  Sometimes patients need more volume and an implant is added to the lift for augmentation.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure offered to patients who struggle with overly large, heavy breasts, which can also lead to painful symptoms. Using techniques similar to a breast lift, Dr. Burgess removes more excess skin and breast tissue to aid in the patient’s symptoms.  It also provides a more slender silhouette which helps in selection of clothing and bras.

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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Cancer reconstruction is a specialized group of surgical procedures which recreate the breast, following a mastectomy or lumpectomy. There are several different options to recreate the breast and Dr. Burgess guides her patients towards the best option for their individual situation with an optimal outcome.

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