What To Expect After Lip Fillers

Fillers offer a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your lips. These soft and flexible gel formulas can boost volume, improve symmetry, add attractive definition, and even reduce lines. Here are a few things you can expect after your injectable lip filler appointment in Lake Oswego.

Recovery and Aftercare

Lip fillers are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime. You might experience temporary effects such as swelling, redness, and bruising for up to a week after treatment. We recommend considering your schedule to avoid booking your visit right before a big event.

You can help minimize swelling by applying an ice pack to your lips. To ensure great results and speed up your recovery, you will want to avoid alcohol, sun exposure, strenuous exercise, and heat (hot tub, sauna, etc.) for 24 hours. Ask your provider when you can safely apply makeup.

Results and Maintenance 

Your lip filler results will be visible right away. However, your lips might look a bit bigger than you expected due to swelling. Don’t be alarmed. This effect is normal and should improve quickly.

The longevity of your lip filler depends on a few different factors. One of those factors is the type of filler that you choose. For example, Juvederm Volbella® XC can last for up to one year.

A few measures might help you get more mileage out of your treatment, including:

  • Following the aftercare directions
  • Protecting your lips from sun exposure
  • Managing your stress levels
  • Eating well and drinking plenty of water

Touch-Up Treatments

Most lip fillers are temporary. That means you will need to book follow-up appointments to maintain your beautiful results. Dr. Elisa Burgess and our aesthetic providers will gladly create a treatment schedule to meet your unique needs. We will find your ideal appointment frequency.

Ready to Love Your Lips?

If you want to make your lips your new favorite feature, it’s time to visit Burgess Plastic Surgery. The experienced aesthetic providers at our board-certified plastic surgery practice can help. Call 503-699-6464 today to learn about achieving your goals with lip fillers in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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