Just over a decade ago, Botox® was FDA-approved and since then its popularity has consistently grown. Learn more about the historic rise of this facial injection.

AUSA Today article reported on the rise in the use of Botox® and its skyrocketing popularity as one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world today.


Botox has grown from a $97 million per year drug treating muscle spasms to a $1.8 billion per year cosmetic industry standby. And the numbers are continuing to increase, as the injections have recently been FDA-approved for Chronic Migraine symptoms. Even still, Botox is in the process of seeking approval for knee joint pain and other bladder issues.


Originally, Botox® was used for the treatment of crossed eyes, blinking, and neck or facial muscle disorders. The uses were dramatically widened in 1987, when a married ophthalmologist and dermatologist, Dr. Jean Carruthers, heard a patient remark on the benefits of the Botox® injections she had had for her facial muscle spasms.

Years of testing and research followed before Botox® was finally approved by the FDA in 2002 to treat the lines that occur between the eyebrows. Since then, Botox® has consistently gained in popularity, acceptance and diverse uses. It is constantly being researched to determine other medical and cosmetic uses for its unique properties.

Despite being derived from one of the deadliest known neurotoxins, Botox® was injected over 5.6 million times last year without any cases of serious complications. In the face of competition with Dysport, Botox® continues to be an incredibly popular procedure, and is often combined with other cosmetic procedures such as neck lifts, microdermabrasion, and laser procedures.

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