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Breast Surgery Options at Burgess Plastic Surgery

We know women who seek breast enhancement procedures with Dr. Elisa Burgess at Burgess Plastic Surgery have a variety of concerns and very different goals. Some wish to increase the size and others wish simply to reshape their breasts. Some women would like to lift their breasts, but don’t want to undergo surgery or want to take time off from work. For this reason, Dr. Burgess offers a number of different procedures designed to help each woman achieve their unique goals.    Continue reading “Breast Surgery Options at Burgess Plastic Surgery” »

Does Your Skin Need A Boost?

Summer in Oregon is a great time to go hiking, play sports, swim, camp, and enjoy the nice, long days. However, our skin often suffers from the direct sunlight, makeup, and dehydration more than we like to admit. Does that mean you can’t rock fantastic skin and enjoy yourself this summer? Not at all! At Burgess Plastic surgery, we offer the Clear + Brilliant™ system to ensure your skin is glowing for whatever fun summer event you have coming up!  Continue reading “Does Your Skin Need A Boost?” »

Three Popular Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Move over ladies, men are taking note of their appearances too. More than ever, men are seeking out Dr. Burgess’s expertise to help them revive and refresh their appearance. Hoping for subtle improvement, Dr. Burgess has found that men want to look their best without anyone else being the wiser that they have had anything done. For this reason, minimally to non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime are especially attractive to men on the go.

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Three Things that Differentiate ThermiTight® from Other Skin Tightening Techniques

Loose skin got you down? You are not alone. According to a recent report, over two-thirds of those surveyed responded that sagging facial skin was particularly bothersome. This does not come as a surprise to Dr. Burgess, as so many of her patients struggle with loose, lax, and drooping skin. With the introduction of ThermiTight to her Portland practice, Dr. Burgess has a way to successfully help her patients say goodbye to sagging skin in a minimally-invasive manner.

Continue reading “Three Things that Differentiate ThermiTight® from Other Skin Tightening Techniques” »

No Neck Nick

Often times, men don’t look at themselves and think about needing plastic surgery, but when the two collide, it can generate outstanding results. That’s exactly what happened to “Nick.” As a middle aged man, he experienced facial aging that was bothering him. He wanted to look as young as he felt.   After consulting with Dr. Burgess about his concerns, they agreed that a face and neck lift surgery was the best option to address his concerns.

A face and neck lift are considered separate surgeries, but it is often best to do them together because they move as a unit. A face lift specifically focuses on repositioning the tissue and removing excess skin, concentrating on the jowls and lower face. Whereas a neck lift removes fat, re-drapes tissue and removes excess skin from the neck area.

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