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After losing a significant amount of weight, the exhilaration one feels might be tempered by the realization that the loss of fat has left them with excess skin in various places on the body. In her Portland, OR area practice, Dr. Elisa Burgess offers a variety of body contouring procedures to help men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight to further slenderize their new physiques.

Am I an ideal candidate for body contouring in Portland?

There are multiple reasons people chose to undergo body contouring in Portland, including:

  • To remove loose skin folds
  • To remove localized fat deposits
  • To tighten remaining skin

We often see patients who are frustrated after losing significant weight, after weight loss programs or after bariatric surgery (lap band, gastric bypass, etc). These patients feel physically great, but their excess, deflated hanging tissue is not the reward that they had expected from their weight loss. Their tissue and skin have been maximally stretched and will not shrink back on their own.

Ideal candidates for body contouring surgery in Portland are those who have reached a stable weight and are not planning to lose any more significant pounds of fat. With plastic surgeries known as body contouring, dramatic improvements can be made to the shape and feel of the body.

What will the body contouring procedure be like?

Dr. Burgess offers a variety of procedures to further slenderize the body after weight loss by removing excess skin and localized fat.

Liposuction may also be part of your body contouring plan. The technique is commonly used to remove small deposits of fat. The surgeon will insert a thin tube through small incisions to remove the unwanted fat.

What should I expect during my recovery following body contouring?

Recovery for each of these procedures can last a few weeks and the patient should expect to wear compression garments for a time, as well as limit activity. Please see the above specific procedure page for a recovery outline. For all surgical procedures, some complications are possible. For body contouring, some complications or risks may be unmet expectations, loss of sensation, infection, blood clots, scarring, and other unforeseen risks. Dr. Burgess will discuss these risks with you in detail during a pre-operative consultation at her Lake Oswego plastic surgery practice.

Portland Body Contouring Surgery

Patients interested in contouring their bodies following weight loss are encouraged to contact Dr. Elisa Burgess at her Portland-area office to schedule a private consultation.

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