Ear Pinning in Portland (Otoplasty)

An otoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects significantly protruding ears for those that are self conscious.  The procedure is designed to help correct the shape, proportion, or position of the ear due to genetics, birth deformities, or trauma. For patients young and mature who struggle with prominent ears, Dr. Elisa Burgess offers ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, at her Portland, OR  area practice.  There are multiple reasons that people undergo otoplasty surgery in Portland, including:

  • To reshape prominent ears
  • To pin back ears
  • To normalize appearance and put an end to teasing
ear pinning oregon

Am I an ideal candidate for ear pinning surgery?

Patients who turn to ear pinning procedures often do so due to protruding ears, ears that are out of proportion with the face, or overly large ears. This issue is often visible with children as young as four years old when the ears are fully developed, as well as adults. Ideal patients for otoplasty should be in good health and have realistic expectations of the possible benefits of the procedure.

What will the ear pinning procedure be like?

Ear pinning in Portland is performed on an outpatient basis and can take between two and three hours to complete. For children undergoing otoplasty, a general anesthesia will be administered, while adults undergoing the procedure may receive a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic.

otoplasty incision

This illustration depicts a typical otoplasty incision and outcome

Portland plastic surgeon Dr. Burgess will make an incision behind the ear through which cartilage will be sculpted, folded, or removed. Ears will be folded to appear closer to the head and more proportional. Permanent sutures may be used. Finally, she will use sutures to close the incisions and maintain the new shape of the ears.

What should I expect during my recovery following ear pinning in Portland?

Following the procedure, adults may return to work after about five days, while children should wait about one week to return to school cautiously. During this healing time, the head will be wrapped in a bandage to maintain the new form of the ears, and the head should be elevated to improve swelling.  Stitches will be removed after one week. It is recommended that a headband be worn to keep down the ears as much as possible in the months following surgery.  Dr. Burgess will encourage you to walk around after surgery.  Bruising, swelling and aching are likely and discomfort may be managed with medication. Swelling may cause some loss of feeling in the ear. It is imperative to avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least four weeks. Traveling long distances is not recommended in the first month following surgery.  Ensure that you attend all scheduled exams following recovery.  Scars from the procedure will be noticeable at first, but will improve over the next year. Understand that results are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and may require future revision surgery.  After healing is completed, the patient should see more natural-looking ears and may gain some self-confidence.

Some possible side effects of otoplasty in Portland may include infection, formation of scar tissue, need for revision surgery, as well as other unforeseen risks.

Patients interested in pinning back protruding ears are encouraged to contact Dr. Burgess at her Portland-area office with any questions.


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