Botox in Oregon -The First Step In Fighting Aging

Using Botox® as the First Line of Defense

Facial plastic surgeries such as facelifts and eyelid surgery are very common in the United States. Men and women from their 40s to 60s opt for these procedures to turn back the hands of time for a youthful look. However, millions of people are taking action much earlier in order to slow and prevent these visible signs of aging. With the wrinkle-fighting results that Botox® provides without incisions, people are becoming much more proactive in the fight against visible signs of aging.

At Burgess Plastic Surgery, we would like to help you look refreshed and not frozen. Botox® can look lovely when done well in the hands of a professional.

Help Keep Wrinkles At Bay

Botox® Cosmetic is a non-surgical Botulinum toxin injectable that works to relax underlying facial muscles to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles while helping to prevent new ones from forming. During the course of a lifetime, we squint our eyes and furrow our brows while our faces are twisted and turned from smiles to frowns and everything in between. These repeated muscle contractions slowly develop facial lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet to those “11s” between the eyes. By relaxing these muscles, the folding of the skin that results in age markings is prevented.

Botox® Before Facial Surgeries

Many are completely satisfied with the results of their Botox® treatments and will continue a routine until they are ready to undergo more invasive procedures or feel that they have become necessary. Botox® in Oregon does not completely freeze the aging process – otherwise everyone would look 20 or 30 something. Men and women often choose to undergo surgery later in life to treat more developed signs of aging.

“I’m a big fan of Botox®, especially for getting rid of the ‘11s’ between my brows,” said Lisa Robertson, a beauty host on QVC. “I’m aware that I’ll need to do something (surgical) as I get older, but right now it’s not on my agenda.”

With more than six million yearly injections, treatments like Botox® in Oregon and Dysport have become a staple in many men and women’s anti-aging regimen. To learn more about Botox® Cosmetic in the Portland area, click the button below to speak with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Elisa Burgess.

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