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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Elisa A. Burgess, MD

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My Life Has Literally Been Changed…*

My life has literally been changed because of Dr. Burgess and her staff. Two years ago I began watching what I ate and exercising a little more. My excess weight began to fall off. I worked hard for two years and lost a total of 106 pounds. When I reached my goal weight, I looked …

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I Had A Great Experience…*

I had a great experience with Dr. Burgess and her office. All of the staff is kind and professional. The hospital staff treated me kindly. Dr. Burgess and the anesthesiologist talked to me before surgery and answered any questions I or my fiancé had. I am about three months out from liposuction of abdomen and …

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Dr. Burgess Performed Ultherapy Around My Mouth And Lips…*

Dr. Burgess performed Ultherapy around my mouth and lips and within 3 weeks I felt firmer and my lips appeared to be ‘lifted’ and more shapely. Now at 2 months, I am enjoying a more defined lip line. The procedure was less painful than I expected and took less than 30 minutes.* Female, Age 45 …

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After 10 Years of Thinking About Breast Augmentation…*

After 10 years of thinking about a breast augmentation, I made an appointment with Dr. Burgess. I remember how nervous and excited I was at that appointment. At my first appointment, I was immediately surprised at how much knowledge Dr. Burgess had on plastic surgery and about other non related plastic surgeries. She answered all …

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The Staff At Burgess Plastic Surgery Is Wonderful…*

The staff at Burgess Plastic Surgery is wonderful. Everyone made me feel so comfortable as I processed all the information and was making the decision about surgery and doctors. They are very attentive, friendly, and extremely helpful. I had a lot of questions and concerns and every one of them was answered and addressed with …

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For A Very Long Time…*

For a very long time, I had experienced so much physical pain (the back aches, shoulder and neck pain, etc.) but also much emotional pain. Dr. Burgess has given me the gift of confidence and positive body image. No longer do I feel weighted down physically and emotionally from my chest. I now believe that …

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