Your Top Reasons for Getting Brow Lift Surgery

Though your eyes and your smile likely speak the loudest when it comes to first impressions, your eyebrows also play a significant role in the overall aesthetic that your face exudes. And though there are many ways to keep your skin healthy and lively, the wrinkles and sagging that come naturally with age can often leave it in a state that is less than ideal. That’s precisely why cosmetic treatments that help rejuvenate faces and make folks look younger have skyrocketed in popularity—treatments just like brow lift surgery.

Whether you’ve thought about brow lift surgery before or this is your first time considering it, here are a few reasons you may want to ponder:

You Want to Do Away With Forehead Wrinkles

As time moves forward, the skin all across your body may begin to lose its elasticity—meaning its ability to hold tight against the form of your body. This is especially true of the face, which is often where the early signs of wrinkles can first be noticed. With brow lift surgery, a great benefit is that the skin over your forehead is lifted and tightened, reducing the visibility of those pesky wrinkles.

You Want to Reduce Sleepy Eyelid Sagging

Likewise, aging can also bring with it facial sagging that makes faces look tired, sad, and under the weather. It is that same inelasticity that is the culprit of age-related sagging. However, brow lift surgery is once again able to save the day by lifting your brows, thereby undoing the sagging and drooping and restoring a youthful vigor back to your face.

You Want to Restore Your Eyebrow’s Arches

Finally, this lifting process involved in brow lift surgery can help return the natural arches of your eyebrows. The aforementioned sagging and wrinkles are often responsible for causing eyebrows to droop or appear flattened and linear. And with your restored eyebrow arches, your face will look more attentive and well-rested!

Rejuvenating Brow Lift Surgery in Lake Oswego, OR

If your face isn’t shining as brightly as it used to and is instead looking tired and worn down despite your optimistic attitude, then brow lift surgery from Dr. Burgess may be precisely what you need. Located in beautiful Lake Oswego, OR, your cheerier and more youthful look could be just a call away at 503-699-6464.

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