Here’s Why You Should Consider Arm Lift Surgery

People who lose a great amount of weight are often left with excess skin in the upper arms, creating what we call an unwanted “batwing” effect. This is also common as we grow older, and we lose skin elasticity. Many patients turn to an arm lift, otherwise known as brachioplasty, to correct the appearance of loose, sagging skin. This procedure helps those who are self-conscious about their arms, as it provides a more slender, contoured appearance.

Every surgical procedure should be considered with caution, but a brachioplasty could be exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your skin again. Just read below what a simple arm lift could do for you!

No More Unwanted Excess Skin

A loss of skin elasticity is a problem everyone will run into at one point or another, whether due to age, genetics, or other health and environmental factors. One of the best benefits of arm lift surgery that you’ll find post-procedure is that the troublesome loose skin from your arms will be improved. However, removal of skin leads to a scar which may be visible when you raise your arms and wear a short sleeve shirt.

Tone and Sculpt Your Figure

After successfully removing that unwanted fat and skin, arm lift surgery can also help to sculpt your arm closer to your ideal look. And with the excess skin gone from your arms, they’ll regain their natural, healthy shape.

Boost Your Physical Comfort and Confidence

Finally, you’ll find that your arms are far more comfortable once you’ve fully recovered from your arm lift surgery. Loose skin can often cause discomfort through chafing, irritation, and emotional distress. With the loose skin out of the picture, you’ll be able to live comfortably and be confident in the way your arms look.

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