The Three Tummy Tuck Myths

The tummy tuck is currently ranked as the top rated procedure for patient satisfaction. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions preventing some people from pursuing the procedure. I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve heard somebody say, “tummy tucks are just for lazy people” or “isn’t that just for women?” Let’s set things straight. Here are the three top tummy tuck myths that everyone needs to stop believing.

Myth #1: The tummy tuck is for people that are too lazy or unmotivated to diet or exercise.

The reason many people think this way is because their idea of what a tummy tuck is meant for is wrong in the first place. Contrary to what people think, the tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure. It is meant for healthy people close to their ideal weight, but who are stuck with excess skin or tissue leftover after weight loss or pregnancy. And I say ‘stuck’ because no diet or exercise can get rid of skin or tissue left over due to the lack of elasticity.

Myth #2: The tummy tuck is only meant for women.

The abdominoplasty (the tummy tuck’s official name) is no more for women than it is for men. Men can also run into the same issues with loose skin and an abdominoplasty can help to finally bring out the abs underneath the stubborn flab. While it is still more popular for women because many women undergo the procedure after pregnancy, last year, over 4,000 men had an abdominoplasty.

Myth #3: If you get a tummy tuck, you will need liposuction as well.

While liposuction is sometimes used to sculpt the waistline during a tummy tuck, it is not always necessary if it is not something you are interested in. If there are areas of fat that you would like to be addressed during your tummy tuck procedure, make sure totalk with your board-certified plastic surgeon so that he or she can help you to better achieve your desired results.

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