The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Men are complicated and lovely all at the same time. They want to age gracefully, but they really don’t want to grow old and we respect that. However, sometimes I hear men say that they look in the mirror and they really do not recognize who they see. The aging process affects all of us, it is just that women may be more likely to do something about it. We change our hair, nails and makeup. We look for other ways to spruce ourselves up. Men may also want to do this, but it is more on the sly. They don’t always want to share their pre-aging secrets. This is where Burgess Plastic Surgery comes into play. We provide many aesthetic services, but we can keep their secret.

  1. Coolsculpting– No downtime for fat reduction of love handles and trouble spots on the abdomen. It is around a 25% fat reduction per applicator that slowly happens over several months. The best thing is that men can still work out and be active, since there is no downtime.
  2. Deluxe Hydrafacials– Men may not talk much but they do like scalp massages and this is essentially a massage for your face. Many men even fall asleep during this procedure. The goal of this gentle device is to clean, exfoliate, hydrate, do a light chem peel and while the pores are open, it will suction out debris from the pores making them appear smaller. Then a booster can be used to address specific concerns, followed by red light therapy to help with healing and redness. For a special treat, consider a Platinum Hydrafacial for an hour long treatment that includes other features, such as lymphatic glass cup massage.
  3. Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport- Men secretly get this ALL THE TIME! Many men have particularly strong procerus and corrugator muscles. These are the muscles that are between the eyebrows and makes people look like they are frowning. Treatments should be around every 3 months and if this is continued, then patients may have some relaxing permanence so then it may only need to be done every 4-6 months. Once those frown lines become permanent, then they become much more difficult to erase. Consider looking more relaxed and happy this year with one of our neurotoxins.
  4. Massage– We offer a whole array of massage services in our office that can provide relaxing, therapeutic relief, especially for those that have physical jobs or who sit for hours in front of a computer. As a result, the neck and upper spine can become tight and irritated. Regular massage may make people more productive due to the relief of discomfort and stretching of the tissues.
  5. Hair restoration– Although we don’t offer hair transplants, we do believe in PRP (Plasma Rich Protein) to recruit the hair follicles for growth that may be dormant or slow. This in combination with medical grade Minoxidil can be helpful for those that are thinning around the fringes. Results can vary due to hormonal and inherited male pattern hair loss.
  6. Skin Care and chemical peels with facials– What it the best way to maintain your car? Change your oil and do regular maintenance checks. What is the best way to maintain your teeth? Toothbrushing at home and regular dental cleanings. What is the best way to maintain your skin? Medical grade skin care and peels or facials. Sounds simple right? (And it is simple.) Skin care does not have to be complicated and it can be tailored for the male skin. Daily skin routines can be simple in the morning and evening. Doing something is better than nothing, but if you can add on an in-office peel, facial or procedure every 1-2 months you can slow down the signs of aging. Our millennial population has figured this all out. They are into pre-aging, which is the prevention and maintenance of the largest organ on their body, the skin. Like compound interest, if you start skin care now the results will be amplified down the road.
  7. Microneedling with Skin Pen– This simple in office procedure is considered C.I.T. or Collagen Induction Therapy. If done regularly it can improve collagen, aging skin and acne scarring. After the numbing cream is removed it feels a little scratchy, but is very well tolerated during the treatment. For an extra booster, add PRP for a little stem cell action and improved healing.
  8. The “Secret” Truly this is our little Secret. This is microneedling on steroids! I love this because it is a series of 3 and has NO downtime. After the numbing cream is removed, the coated needles penetrate the skin and deliver heat for tissue contraction via radiofrequency. So this means the next day you may have a little swelling but no one will know that you have had anything done, since nothing is visible from the outside right after treatment. It takes a few months to see the improvement. This is for tone, texture, wrinkles, lines, pore size and acne scarring. The beautiful thing is that this can be done all summer long. It is a little stingly, so we have Pronox (a nitrous-oxygen blend you breathe in, that works to relax you) to help make the whole thing more comfortable. For special add-ons consider adding PRP after the treatment while the pores are still open. For best results consider getting a series of 3 Hydrafacials in between 3 Secrets. The Hydrafacials will clear off the dead skin and debris so that the Secret will be more effective. “Wow and wow” are the results with this last combo!
  9. In-office upper blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery– With simple numbing medications, the upper eyelid surgery can be done in our procedure room while you are awake. Pronox or a chill pill can be given to help if you are nervous, but most men do well. This will remove some of that upper eyelid skin making your eyes look more open. Just make sure you have a ride home and plenty of podcasts or audio books downloaded since you will be icing the area for several days. Tiny, black, hair-sized sutures are removed in about 1 week. One add-on may be a TBS (Transcutaneous Brow Shaping or brow lift). This can also be done in office since many men have low set eyebrows and lifting the area opens the eyes even more. We will do a careful evaluation before this procedure.
  10. Gift certificate– If you need to buy something special for that person in your life for Father’s Day or another special occasion, consider a gift certificate. However, be sure to make that first appointment for them. If it’s a simple procedure, then the first appointment may be that day, but if it’s a little more involved then the first appointment may be for preparing for the second appointment. Our staff will help guide you when you call or contact them. Keep in mind that we are open on many Saturdays, so making that first appointment is easy for someone that is working.

Our experienced team is happy to answer any of your questions about all these options. If you would like to learn more about skin care or procedures in Lake Oswego, please call Burgess Plastic Surgery during office hours at 503-905-9255 or email to consult@burgessplasticsurgery. We look forward to discussing your goals for pre-juvenating!

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