Microfat, Nanofat and Aquagold Microinfusion (Here’s the skinny on the Fat)

How can fat be good? Don’t we spend our waking hours trying to slim down? We do CoolSculpting and liposuction, but maybe a little fat could be put to good use in other areas of the face. As we age we can lose volume in our face making us look old and gaunt. But now the magic of fat can smooth faces out and give a youthful appearance. Let’s explore the concepts of Microfat, Nanofat and Aquagold Microinfusion.

Microfat is harvested from the abdomen and flanks by using a tiny liposuction cannula. The fat is then washed and loaded into a syringe for use in the face. The fat can be used to fill out hollow areas of the face and also be put into specific lines instead of hyaluronic acid filler. We often do this in conjunction with facelifts in the operating room but it can also be done in our clinic procedure room. When it is put into specific lines on the face and neck, it is called SNIF (which is an acronym for Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat with the appropriate amount of applied topical numbing medication).

Nanofat actually takes the Microfat one step further. The Microfat is treated to disrupt the fat cells and release stem cells. The fibers are removed and the remaining fluid is a light yellow color, chock full of rejuvenating power. It turns out that fat contains cells with regenerative properties and it is all concentrated in the term we use as Nanofat.

The Nanofat can then be used as a skin treatment. It can be directly injected under the skin around the lips and under the eyes to hopefully improve darkness and skin quality. We are currently using it to see if we can make some improvement in the difficult to treat neck pigmentation that surfaces years later after sun exposure and aging. Most of our devices do well with pigment on the face, but the neck has been a challenging area to treat. The thought is that the Nanofat stem cells may regulate the melanocytes to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In fact, it is good as an overall skin treatment for the face and neck. Here is where Aquagold Microinfusion enters for diffuse skin enhancement like a hydrating sprinkler for the face and neck.

Aquagold Microinfusions (sometimes called Gold Microinfusion Microneedling) is a device that can hold the Nanofat for use and application to the skin. It is a small vial that has hollow, 24 karat gold plated microneedles that will inject the fluid directly into the skin. Think about it like a microneedling treatment, except these Aquagold needles are hollow for delivery and unlike microneedling that only makes tiny punctures in the skin. The first pass can be Nanofat or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). The second pass can be hyaluronic acid, microtox (microbotox) and serums. Alternatively, just hyaluronic acids, microtox and serums can be infused for simple, but lovely skin improvement. The hyaluronic acids can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water to bring intense hydration to the skin. The microtox diffusely softens lines and decreases pore size. The serums may treat mild pigment and provide the glow. The smooth, glass skin appearance is illuminating for a natural but air brushed look with a goal for no makeup.

Interested in Microfat, Nanofat and Aquagold microinfusion? Almost everyone can have these treatments with no significant downtime. Call 503-905-9363 or email info@BurgessPlasticSurgery for a consultation at Burgess Plastic Surgery that proudly serves patients from Lake Oswego, Portland and the surrounding area of Oregon.

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