Your Guide To Exercising After Breast Augmentation

Many athletic women seek out breast augmentation. After all, frequent exercise is often correlated with a reduction in body fat — and a potentially undesirable loss of breast volume. 

Fortunately, you can return to your normal cup size (or even go larger) without having to stay sedentary to recover. These tips will help you resume your workouts after getting implants.

Walk It Out

Walking is the one physical activity that you can and should pick back up almost immediately after breast augmentation surgery. It promotes proper circulation and helps prevent blood clots.

You can walk and climb stairs on the day of your procedure. Short walks are encouraged several times a day for at least the first week. However, be careful not to overexert yourself.

Focus On Your Range of Motion

Range of motion exercises can gently stretch your muscles and help alleviate some stiffness during the first few weeks of recovery. It’s important to consult our plastic surgeon for specific instructions on performing these exercises. In general, it can be beneficial to put your hands on your head, softly drape your arm over the edge of a bed, or walk the wall with your fingers. 

Take Things Slow

You might experience a strong urge to jump back into your regular workout routine right away. However, it’s essential to give your body time to rest. Resume exercise slowly and with caution.

Heavy lifting, heart-pumping aerobic exercises, and high-impact activities like kickboxing can negatively impact the healing process and potentially compromise your cosmetic results. Instead, try to fill your cardio craving with something like an easy ride on a stationary bike.

Follow Our Post-Op Instructions

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elisa Burgess wants you to have a safe and smooth recovery. She provides detailed postoperative instructions to all of her breast augmentation patients. These instructions include information about resuming exercise after breast surgery.

Call 503-699-6464 today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Burgess. Our practice gladly welcomes patients from Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas of Oregon.

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