VASER Liposuction on CBS’ The Doctors

Even the healthiest and most muscular men will find their age catching up with them sooner or later, but with today’s technology it’s usually possible to delay the worst effects of aging, such as pockets of fat that accumulate around the midsection. Liposuction is now more precise, effective, and versatile than ever before.

47-year-old actor Blair Underwood, best known for his roles on L.A. Law and The Event, found this out recently when asked the hosts on CBS talk show The Doctors if there were any plastic surgical procedures that would help to preserve his 6-pack as he gets older.

“I am good right now with the 6-pack,” Underwood tells the doctors, “but I hear there’s a plastic surgery you can do to work out the 6-packs when I am older. If there’s a plastic surgery for a man, let the brother know. I would like to sport it!”

The doctors told Underwood about the ultra-precise VASER Liposelection process, or as co-host Dr. Drew Ordon describes it, “super-charged lipo.” The process works by using ultrasound waves that break up fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. This makes it easier for a plastic surgeon to remove the fat, with greater precision and less discomfort.

Ordon says that VASER Liposelection can actually accentuate a six-pack: “We do what we call etching; we turn the instrument up, we bring it more superficial, to the skin, and actually etch out a six-pack.”

“Are they fake six-pack lines?” asks host Dr. Travis Stork. “Are you basically drawing them in?” Ordon replies that with proper diet and exercise VASER patients can improve the appearance of their abs even further. While the surgeon can draw out the abdominal muscles and make them more prominent, ultimately it’s up to the patients to maintain their bodies.

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