Tips for Sleeping After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery covers a wide variety of procedures, and they all leave our patients with some soreness and potentially uncomfortable first few nights as they recover. There are ways to make sleeping after surgery more comforting for the patient before and during bedtime.

Before Bed

Before getting comfortable, you should follow the necessary actions as prescribed by their doctor. Medicines and assigned lubricants can make your swelling, bruising, and soreness go down. If it is possible, sleep in a position that feels good to you.

It’s also wise to move around but not participate in any activity that could put pressure on or strain your body or face. Your face needs to heal and following these tips will help it do so faster. The faster you recover, the shorter the number of uncomfortable nights. If you have blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, then you may use protected eye ice pads on your eyes. However, we do not recommend ice for any other surgery.

In Bed

When you go to sleep, keep your head elevated on several pillows. You don’t have to lay upright, but an elevated angle will lessen swelling, especially if you’ve had facial surgery. If you don’t mind sleeping in a recliner, that’s the best course of action.

Placing pillows under your legs and knees will help with elevation as well, especially for abdominoplasty patients. Different procedures have different ways of healing, like sleeping after an ear pinning procedure is made more comfortable with a headband. Breast patients usually sleep on their backs but it is okay to sleep on your side, even if you have drains.

You should never sleep on your stomach. This can worsen the pressure of swelling in your face or neck, and lead to severe discomfort. Utilizing a straw can also help you with late-night water breaks. Not moving you face too much will help you sleep, especially a day or two post-op.

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Your route to healing depends on the procedure you’ve gotten done, but being cautious and following these tips will make sleeping after less painful. Our post op instructions should be followed carefully. Medicine is the patient’s best friend and keeping your head and neck elevated during the night helps you sleep well after surgery. 

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