Three Popular Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Move over ladies, men are taking note of their appearances too. More than ever, men are seeking out Dr. Burgess’s expertise to help them revive and refresh their appearance. Hoping for subtle improvement, Dr. Burgess has found that men want to look their best without anyone else being the wiser that they have had anything done. For this reason, minimally to non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime are especially attractive to men on the go.


Look Alive with ThermiEyes®

No man wants to look tired. Unfortunately for men, one of the first areas to show their age is around their eyes. A sagging brow, drooping lid, and the development of fine lines and wrinkles can make them look older as well as tired and sleepy. ThermiEyes can do what no goodnights rest can. Using the power of targeted radiofrequency (RF), ThermiEyes delivers specific doses of temperature-controlled energy to the targeted area. The result is smoother, tighter skin and an overall lifted appearance. Thanks to ThermiEyes, you can look well-rested and alert—even when you’re not.

No More Tight Collars with Kybella®

When it comes to what bothers men most about their appearance, a double chin often tops the list. More than making them appear heavier, a double chin can add years to a man’s appearance. Button that top button fellas, Kybella has you covered. Through a series of injections, Kybella destroys fat cells around and underneath the chin. Men love the strong and chiseled jawline that is possible thanks to Kybella.

Goodbye Gut with CoolSculpting® and ThermiSmooth®

For many men, no amount of gym time gives them the sleek physique they have worked so hard towards. Men, in particular, tend to hold fat around their midsections and a slender stomach can be particularly difficult to achieve. Fortunately, CoolSculpting offers a revolutionary way for men to slim down. A short, 35 minute CoolSculpting treatment can eliminate as much as 20 percent of fat in the treated area. With CoolSculpting, men are able to enjoy refined abs, reduced love handles, and improved abdominal contours. “Fire & Ice” can be done with ThermiSmooth (radiofrequency) before CoolSculpting in the same appointment, for even further slimming.

Men! You are only one step away from looking your best. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Burgess to learn how Thermi, Kybella, CoolSculpting, or ThermiSmooth can improve your looks.

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