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Enhance Your Breasts with Natural-Looking Sientra Breast Implants in Portland

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Enhance Your Breasts with Natural-Looking Sientra Breast Implants in Portland

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Sientra Breast Implants Portland
Hundreds of thousands of women undergo a breast augmentation procedure every year, and different types of implants can produce very different results. If you want a more natural look, talk to Dr. Burgess about gummy bear implants like Sientra. Sientra breast implants in Portland can have an anatomic or teardrop shape and a textured surface, which can help to achieve results very similar to your own natural breast tissue. Also, unlike other implants, the texture of these breast implants promotes tissue growth so the implants can stay in position.

5 Things to Know About Breast Augmentation

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

All around the country, breast augmentation is a common topic of conversation. Whether we’re talking about Angelina Jolie’s inspirational story, whether or not so-and-so got breast implants, or just considering them for ourselves, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States and we love talking about it. However, there are still several things about plastic surgery that many people are still unclear about.

  • Saline and Silicone implants are not the same thing. The new silicone implants have a much more natural look and feel while the saline implants are rounder. Silicone implants have been gaining significant popularity over the cheaper saline implants.
  • Breast implants do not increase the risk of you getting breast cancer! One of the biggest myths circling breast cancer is that getting implants will make you more vulnerable to breast cancer. While this is untrue, it is a good idea to inform your doctor of any history of breast cancer in your family in order to avoid any complications.
  • Implants will not interfere with mammograms. While a couple more x-rays may be necessary to see the tissue behind the implant, they do not directly interfere with the mammogram.
  • Stretch marks are not common with implants. Unless you are planning on getting the larger sized implants, stretch marks should not be an issue.
  • Implants will not cause sagging. Because breast implants are more resistant to sagging than your natural breast tissue is, you will not have to worry about any abnormal or extra sagging from the implants.

About Us

If you have been considering a breast augmentation, board certified Dr. Elisa Burgess would love to discuss your various options with you and clear up any further confusion you may have about the procedure. Here at Burgess Plastic Surgery, we believe in keeping our patients informed so that they have an absolutely pleasing and rewarding experience.

Quick Look At Breast Augmentation Numbers

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Breast AugmentationAs one of the top plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has evolved from the use of crude materials to the high tech saline and silicone implants that are used today. According to the info-graphic released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic

Surgery (ASAPS), before the high tech solutions of today, women would use a variety of materials to augment their chests. To achieve a more desirable figure women used ox cartilage, ivory, wood chips, and, more dangerously, glass balls. Today, 31 percent of women use pre-filled saline implants or saline implants that are filled during the time of the procedure. Most women who undergo breast augmentation procedures, 69 percent, opt for silicone implants.

Reasons and Demographics

Many women reported that their decision to have a breast procedure was motivated by a desire to look better naked, look better in their clothing, simply wanting larger breasts, the desire to feel more confident, feel better about themselves, or wanting to reduce their self-consciousness. While the reasons a woman chooses to have breast augmentation surgery varies from individual to individual, the average woman who undergoes the procedure is a married, mid-30s, with some post secondary education, and chooses a C cup implant size. The number of operations of this kind have risen by 213 percent in the last 14 years from 101,176 to 316,848 surgeries per year.


If you have ever wondered about the satisfaction and the effects after undergoing a breast augmentation operation, consider these statistics: 92 percent would recommend the procedure, 94 percent are happy about their decision, 82 percent said their self-confidence improved, 61 percent reported having sex more frequently, and 70 percent said their sex life is more satisfying after their operation.

If you’re interested in exploring or learning more about your breast augmentation options, contact Dr. Elisa Burgess online, or at her Lake Oswego location.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Sees Trend in Smaller Breast Implants

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Breast ImplantsBeauty is seemingly in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. Culturally this holds true as we witness seasonal shifts in everything from clothing style to nail polish color.  While plastic surgery may serve as a more dramatic step towards physical beauty, the industry as a whole is not immune to societal trends and influences.

According to Dr. Stanley Gulin, a cosmetic surgeon based in Naples, FL, the plastic surgery industry is seeing a shift in breast implant sizes. Bigger isn’t necessarily better and more women are seeking smaller breast implants than in the past.

“It’s a much more reasonable thing to just downsize, so I think there is a general trend,” Gulin said.

Aside from being a hot new trend, there may be additional benefits to choosing smaller implants says Gulin. “You have less wear and tear on the tissue, the breast just keeps its shape much better, you don’t have gravity working against that large implant.”

Dr. Manny Pena, another Florida based plastic surgeon agrees, and has noticed more and more women replacing their larger breast implants with smaller ones.

“Now I’m seeing people who have had bigger implants for 10-12 years, and they come in and say ‘I want something smaller, it’s affecting my lifestyle.”

Pena says he sees more than 20 women at his practice each year seeking to downsize their implants for various reasons, ranging from simply attaining a more natural look to decreasing low back pain often associated with larger breasts.

It appears that smaller breast implants are catching on, but remember that numerous factors such as overall body size and frame, as well as lifestyle should be taken into account when choosing your ideal breast implant size.

Source: ABC News

Good Morning America Explores Cosmetic Surgery After Divorce

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

After a recent British survey revealed that more than a quarter of cosmetic procedure patients were newly divorced women, Good Morning America decided to explored this trend. Is post-divorce cosmetic surgery a confidence-booster or some type of revenge?

Alicia Hunter, who is 43 and a mom of two, lost 60 pounds, got breast implants and had Botox injections after her divorce. “I always thought it would be a little bit life changing, and it has been,” she told GMA.

“If I hadn’t lost weight and done some tweaking, I don’t think I would ever set foot outside the house,” Hunter added. “I don’t think I would have the guts to go out and be in the dating scene.”

Hunter also said that her ex gives her more compliments now than when they were married.

ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield asked Hunter: “Is it revenge surgery?”

Hunter said that she believes for some people it probably is, but for her it was not. She said she did it to boost her self-confidence.

Dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo also said that many women do it for themselves. In fact, she had some cosmetic procedures done after her own divorce.

“Break-up is hard, they feel like they failed at something,” Peredo said. “It’s very hard to start after many years of marriage, and I think they take time and are doing something for themselves for a change.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Turk estimated that about 20 percent of his clients are post-divorce, and he said that he warns ex-wives about taking drastic action if they are bitter or angry about their divorce.

But the women featured on GMA considered their procedures confidence boosters, not revenge. Kelly Langford, one of Dr. Turk’s divorced patients, said, “I think coming here and seeing Dr. Turk is definitely, after you see your lawyer, probably the most important step after that.”

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