Slimspec™ (Acoustic Massage)

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Acoustic massage (Slimspec™) is a cosmetic device used for the appearance of cellulite and body shaping. Used in conjunction with CoolSculpting® or Thermi®, it adds a greater response to those treatments.

Used on its own, it can treat areas that include the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Although results may vary based on the cellulite level, BMI (body mass index), and general skin condition, some cellulite improvement can be observed 6-12 weeks. The procedure can be done up to 3x/week for a total of 10 treatments.

How Does Slimspec™ Work?

The body responds to the acoustic radial wave by increasing metabolic activity in the treated area. The acoustic radial waves reduce the tissue edema which is one of the initial occurrences of the cellulite. Reduction of the edema reduces puffiness of the skin. The tissue becomes more permeable, so the fluid and the toxins retained within the fat cells are being released and drained by the lymphatic system.


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