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4 Procedures to Sculpt & Shape Your Body

Woman in white underwear after body contouring at Burgess Plastic Surgery

Warmer weather is on the horizon, which means it’s time to consider the body you’d like to be showing off this spring and summer. At Burgess Plastic Surgery, we offer surgical and non-surgical solutions to help you tighten and tone your body. The following body contouring procedures can complement your healthy habits, giving you the figure you deserve.

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Does CoolSculpting® Really Work?

Fit Shirtless Man After CoolSculpting at Burgess Plastic SurgeryFreezing away your fat cells probably sounds too good to be true, but what if we told you that the non-surgical fat reduction treatment known as CoolSculpting does just that? In as little as 35 to 60 minutes, you can experience the power of CoolSculpting and be on your way to enjoying a more defined physique. Find out just how effective CoolSculpting at Burgess Plastic Surgery can be for toning targeted areas of your body.

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Three Body Contouring Options to Transform Your Shape Before Summer

Woman on Beach After Body Contouring

Spring break and summer vacation will be here before you know it, which means now is the time to think about trimming down from the holidays and getting your beach body ready. By scheduling body contouring procedures this winter, you’ll be fully healed and ready to show off your newly-enhanced figure when the warm weather arrives. Burgess Plastic Surgery offers a variety of body contouring procedures in Portland to remove loose skin and localized fat deposits while tightening and lifting.

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Silhouette InstaLift

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Silhouette InstaLift addresses midface sagging and wrinkles to produce both immediate and long-lasting results. For the procedure, Dr. Burgess will make small incisions in the treatment area through which the Silhouette InstaLift sutures can be inserted. Once in place, these sutures will be tightened to gently lift subcutaneous (below the skin) tissue into a more pleasing and youthful position, instantly lifting and smoothing the midface area. More »

Why You Should See Dr. Burgess for CoolSculpting® Treatments

CoolSculpting continues to be the most popular way to shape and contour stubborn pockets of fat without the need for surgery. But when considering a body-sculpting procedure like this, it’s not only important to educate yourself on the various aspects of the treatment, but to find a provider that has the skill and know-how to get you the results you desire. And here at Burgess Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burgess and her committed team have the training, knowledge, and experience to get you the effective and efficient results you’re looking for. More »

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