Common Causes of Enlarged Male Breasts

Gynecomastia, otherwise known as enlarged male breasts is a humiliating condition affecting countless men across the country. But one of the underlying causes may surprise you – marijuana use. According Cleveland plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Goldman, regular marijuana use results in lower testosterone levels.

“Young men who use marijuana through puberty may have that transient, temporary breast enlargement become permanent because their testosterone levels are altered by the marijuana. They can get interference with the normal development. And those men can have in essence more breast tissue when they’re done with puberty than they would have otherwise had.”

Other factors such as obesity, genetics, puberty and hormonal factors call all play a role in the development of enlarged male breasts.

Male Breast Reduction Techniques

Eliminating gynecomastia isn’t always easy, but certain gym exercises may help. Weight machines such as the chest press or incline cable fly may increase upper chest development and effectively minimize the appearance male breasts.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always surgical correction. Breast reduction for men is a popular procedure that usually starts around $2,500, according to Dr. Goldman.

“That small incision heals very well and usually is not noticeable without a shirt on, or at a beach or pool setting, but that small incision allows me through a keyhole to remove the tissue between the pectoralis muscle and the skin. It’s a thin layer of breast tissue that once removed, the skin can contract and the chest looks normal, masculine.”

Male breast reduction is not usually recommended for teenage boys going still through puberty. Enlarged or asymmetric breasts are likely to subside with age.

Learn more about breast reduction for men in Portland, OR.

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