Exploring Your Breast Enhancement Options

Occasionally we have Breast and Body Events where we highlight two of our most common breast surgeries, breast augmentation and breast lift (mastopexy). These can often can be done in conjunction with one another, if you are a good candidate.

If you have thought about having breast augmentation or breast lift, we are sure that there are a lot of questions going through your mind. We hear a variety of reasons why women come in for a consultation, when they try to describe their goals. Some simply want to look and feel more natural. Some want to restore what they once had, prior to breast feeding, weight changes or the natural process of aging. Others want a very round, augmented look.


Breast Augmentation with Implants

When considering breast augmentation surgery, there are many things to keep in mind.  Implants are what most people think of when it comes to breast augmentation. Size, style and shape all play a role when deciding on a breast implant. What type of implant are you looking for? It is important to see what works for your body anatomy or body frame.

At our Portland area practice, we offer the latest silicone implant, which is a 5th generation implant, also known as a “gummy bear” implant. “Gummy bear” implants are a cohesive gel implant, so the silicone is more cross linked. It is thought that the leak rate may be lower due to this extra cross linking. Saline (or salt water) implants are available as an option and are filled with saline to help achieve fullness.

There are a variety of different shapes and styles such as tear drop and round implants. You will have an opportunity to touch and feel each of these during a consultation. Dr. Burgess will help guide what style of implant she thinks would work well with your body type followed by the help of an assistant to help capture your goal size. A submuscular implant position and incision site are also things to consider and we will discuss that with you as well during a consultation.

Breast Lift With or Without Implants

A breast lift alone can help give the appearance of more youthful breasts. There are many factors that can play a role in the appearance of breasts that have lax skin. The goal when considering a breast lift is to remove excess skin and to improve “sagging.” The areola is also reduced in size to keep them in proportion to the newly shaped breasts.

Sometimes women need a breast lift and an augmentation together.  This lifts the nipple and removes excess skin to help centralize the breast over the breast implant.

Breast Enhancement with Dr. Burgess

In our office, we offer a 3D imaging system to help you visualize your goals. This program is called Crisalix.  This is a fun tool that our staff use to simulate, in 3D, your before and after photos to help you approximate the look of your desired surgery. We also have virtual reality goggles so you can look down at yourself to see what you may look like with your new breasts.

Deciding to have cosmetic breast surgery is a very personal and important decision. Dr. Burgess will take the time to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

Please contact our office to learn more about Dr. Burgess’s personalized approach.

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