Breast Implants Improve Quality of Life, Study Shows

Undergoing breast augmentation can have a dramatic effect on your sexual satisfaction, quality of life and well-being, according to a recent clinical study. This study was undertaken as a joint effort by doctors in the United States and Canada, and recorded measurable variables in a controlled survey.

While patients and physicians have long held that breast implants have a dramatic effect on patient quality of life, this study provides concrete evidence of the quantitative level of this satisfaction. By looking into various areas of assessment, this clinical study was able to provide an overall look at the social and psychological results of breast augmentation.

BREAST-Q Module Used to Determine Breast Implant Patient Satisfaction

Far from being a simple survey or poll, the 41 women involved in this study completed the comprehensive BREAST-Q Augmentation module before having their breast implant procedure and after the procedure was completed. The results of the surgery were determined for each individual patient and also for the group as a whole.

The results of the BREAST-Q module were as follows:

  • 83% of women reported a significant increase in satisfaction with their breasts.
  • Of the women who participated in the study, 88% were seen to have a dramatic improvement in their psychosocial well-being.
  • There were 33 out of 41 women (81%) in the study who stated that they had significant improvement in their sexual well-being following their breast augmentation.

The study authors concluded that this particular surgery generally had a very positive effect on the quality of life for the patient. This upheld the initial hypothesis, and was proven on both the individual patient level and the overall average across the study participants.

Though the data for breast augmentation seems conclusive, further research is necessary to determine if a similar effect exists for patients undergoing breast lift and breast reduction procedures. The unique nature of breast reconstruction procedures would likely require a redesigned study to gain accurate information.

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