Visualize Your Breast Augmentation Results with Crisalix

3D imaging technology lets you see your new look before surgery

One of the biggest roadblocks for women who consider breast augmentation surgery is a sense of uncertainty about the possible results. No matter how many glowing patient testimonials or gorgeous before-and-after photos they’re shown, prospective patients are always asking themselves one little question in the back of their minds: “How will implants look on me?”

“Patients have a lot of fun visualizing themselves with their new breasts. In the past, it has been difficult for a patient to imagine what they might look like with a breast augmentation. Now, they can see all the possibilities.”

Dr. Burgess

This question has proven historically difficult to answer. Before-and-after photos can give a patient an idea of what their results might look like, but until they undergo the procedure, there wasn’t really a way to show women how their surgery might turn out.

Enter state-of-the-art imaging technology in the form of Crisalix, a new visualization tool that gives women a chance to see how their own personal results might turn out, using 3D-rendered photos of their own bodies as a canvas to scope out their potential new look.

Using a combination of three photos (two profile photos, one portrait) in conjunction with body markers to map the patient’s unique body shape, the Crisalix imaging system crunches some numbers and renders a three-dimensional representation of your breasts and torso area. The surgeon can then simulate what the model would look like with specific breast implant types, sizes, and shapes, in order for the patient to have the best pre-op visualization of her results possible!

Visualization technology like Crisalix exists because the more well-informed a patient is before she decides to undergo surgery, the more likely she is to be satisfied with her results.  Keep in mind that the technology only gives a rough estimate of results and there are no guarantees of outcome or appearance.  Surgical results will vary.  It is a fun tool to see the possibilities of a new you.

Dr. Burgess and her staff are proud to be able to offer this new way to imagine the new you when you come in for your next consultation.

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