The Difference Between a Full and Mini Tummy Tuck

A black and white image showing a woman's midriff in black fitness clothes with hands on hips If the thought of baring your midriff makes you cringe, you may be unhappy with loose, protruding skin surrounding your abdomen and waistline. You may have discovered that no amount of crunches will get the skin to shrink. The skin has stretched and lost its elasticity, and the only way to remove it is probably a tummy tuck.

You may have heard of a tummy tuck before. What you may not know is that this body contouring procedure is highly customizable. The amount of excess skin and the region of the abdomen tends to vary from person to person, and one such way to address those differences is choosing between a mini or full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

A full tummy tuck may be right for you if you have:

  • Loose, excess skin around the waistline and abdomen
  • Bulging abdominal fat and skin
  • Stretched abdominal muscles and loss of abdominal muscle tone

A full tummy tuck provides the flattest abdominal wall if you are dealing with loose skin. A larger area is tightened, stretching from above the upper abdomen to the pubic line. A full tummy tuck also repairs abdominal muscles that have been stretched and separated, a condition known as diastasis recti, which is common after pregnancy. Exercise cannot fully repair diastasis recti, but a full tummy tuck can suture the muscles back together.

A mini tummy tuck treats a much smaller area on the lower abdomen. It can be a good option for:

  • Minimal loose skin
  • The loose skin is confined to the inch or two of area immediately above the pubic line
  • A patient who does not have loose or sagging skin around or above the navel

A mini tummy tuck will provide a more minimal result. It is very limited in the amount of skin it can remove. Most mini tummy tuck candidates already have pretty flat midriffs but find that inelastic skin below the navel does not shrink in response to diet or exercise.

How Do I Know Which Technique to Choose?

If you are ready to find out if a tummy tuck is the right way to enjoy a flatter, smoother midriff, please arrange a consultation with Dr. Elisa Burgess in Lake Oswego by calling our staff at 503-699-6464.

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