Reconstructive Surgery

While Dr. Burgess proudly offers a range of cosmetic surgical procedures to her patients, she also performs reconstructive surgeries for patients who have undergone some sort of trauma to the body. Oftentimes, patients turn to Dr. Burgess following breast cancer treatment and a mastectomy, but her skills may help other reconstructive patients, as well.

Breast Reconstruction

Women who have undergone a mastectomy are offered a host of options when they turn to Dr. Burgess for breast reconstruction surgery. The procedures offered range from a more traditional implant reconstruction to procedures that utilize tissue from the patient’s own body as a means of rebuilding the breasts.

Breast Revision Surgery

Women may have previously undergone other breast surgeries, such as augmentationlift, or reduction.  Sometimes these surgeries over time need revision or replacement of an implant.  Dr. Burgess can discuss your options but it is especially helpful if you have any implant information or old operative notes.


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