Medical Grade Skincare Products

Burgess Plastic Surgery is proud to have some of the finest medical grade skin care products available. Contact our office in Lake Oswego to learn more about these excellent product lines from Epionce, Neocutis, and ZO Skin Health.

ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health is our most recent skin care line and is based on the newest advances in skin therapy. Dr. Zein Obagi, the physician who developed the original Obagi skin care line, created the ZO advanced skin care products to treat a number of skin disorders and conditions. In combination, these unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations help fight against aging, pigmentation, acne and rosacea. ZO provides many solutions to help bridge the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, and is dedicated to finding a solution for healthy, youthful-looking skin for life. To learn more about the specific products offered or to schedule an appointment please contact our office today!


Neocutis is a highly advanced skincare line that has been used in treatments for skin care, wound healing, and dermatology. Neocutis products were inspired by the unique healing properties of the fetal skin, and developed with a scientific understanding of scar less wound healing. Their PSP serum (Processed Skin Cell Proteins) uses cultured human skin cells obtained from a cell bank, with an optimal, naturally balanced group of cytokines, growth factors and antioxidants. "Makeup applies nicely over these products and I have enjoyed the product line,” Dr. Burgess comments. The Journee has SPF 30, so not only are you doing something nice for your skin, but you’re protecting it as well. To learn more about the specific products offered or to schedule an appointment please contact our office today!


Epionce® is a comprehensive and innovative skin wellness line designed to optimize the appearance and health of the skin by working at the core of the skin’s own protective and reparative systems. Epionce delivers the beauty of healthy skin. Epionce is formulated to help unleash the natural healing potential of your skin by counteracting destructive inflammatory factors, while restoring your protective skin barrier. This allows your skin to defy the visual effects of aging and problem skin. Paraben, fragrance, gluten and cruelty free, Epionce is formulated with a blend of active botanicals that work together. Epionce formulas combine a highly effective delivery system with potent botanical antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients in proven therapeutic concentrations. To learn more about the specific products offered or to schedule an appointment please contact our office today! Discover what Epionce can do for you!

Teoxane RHA™

Teoxane RHA™ (resilient hyaluronic acid) Serum visibly transforms the skin within 14 days. It appears smoother and brighter. The RHA helps to reactivate the skins natural mechanisms of deep regeneration: cell renewal and tissue restructuring. A recent study showed that the RHA, found in TEOXANE is more effective than the other types of HA (hyaluronic acid). “It’s all about proper hydration. Moisturized skin is superficial, hydration is deeper. It can be difficult to maintain that hydration as we age, and I think Teoxane hydrates the skin,” Says Dr. Burgess.
Hyaluronic Acid (found in Teoxane) attracts and holds water, up to 1000 times its weight. Our skin loses the ability to hold water within the skin tissue as we age. Teoxane ensures our skin tissue remains well hydrated! To learn more about the specific products offered or to schedule an appointment please contact our office today!

VISIA® Skin Analysis System

Burgess Plastic Surgery can take your skincare treatments to the next level with our VISIA Skin Analysis. This device provides our office with an easy way to identify cosmetic skin concerns that are often difficult to determine by the naked eye. The VISIA analysis uses a special camera to capture a profile of your skin, and the built in software can pick up and reveal aesthetic skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne, pore size, wrinkles, sun damage, redness, uneven texture, porphyrins, brown spots, and other skin irregularities. Using the information provided by the VISIA Analysis our office can then recommend skincare treatments and products that are best for your skin’s needs!

Portland Skin Care Services

Have questions about which skin care line is right for you? We encourage you to contact Portland board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Elisa Burgess. Dr. Burgess and her staff are eager to answer your questions and help you achieve your skin care goals.

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