Neck Liposuction on the Rise

Liposuction focused on removing excess fat in the hip or thigh areas has been a popular cosmetic procedure for many years. Recent technological advances have made it possible for other forms of liposuction, particularly neck liposuction, to gain momentum in the sphere of high demand cosmetic procedures.

Whether it’s the result of genetics, environmental factors or simply due to aging, the neckline area is particularly vulnerable to extraneous fatty deposits and loose skin, resulting in a heavier, less youthful physical appearance.

“In someone that has a fatty neck, the angle is what we like to have a right angle, is obscured,” according to San Francisco surgeon Randall Weil.

Lipo-sculpture, a half-hour outpatient procedure, is one of the latest cosmetic techniques used to re-contour and restore the jawline. Patients remain conscious for the entire procedure, eliminating many of the worrisome risks often associated with general anesthesia, making it a much less invasive form of liposuction.

The session first involves a physician applying a local anesthetic to the neck area and then a series of cannulas, of varying sizes, are utilized to draw out and remove excess fat concentrated in the neck area, saving the narrower tips for refinement and contouring of the delicate jawline area.

According to Weil, the most common side effects of lipo-sculpture may include a temporary bumpiness underneath the outer layer of the skin.

This procedures often costs upwards of $3,500 and like most cosmetic procedures, it’s typically not covered under most insurance policies.

Learn more about neck liposuction in the Portland area.

Source: ABC News

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