Traditionally, tummy tucks have always required the use of surgical drains to remove fluid after surgery, but this may not always be the case. Some patients may now be able to have a tummy tuck plus the additional benefit of liposuction without the need of a surgical drain. As reported by the British publication eNewsWire, this often leads to a speedier recovery for patients.

A surgical drain is normally used to remove the fluid that develops at the surgical location during a tummy tuck. During surgery, there is a space that forms between the fat and the muscle, in which various types of fluid begin to pool. For many patients, two to three drains are placed at this location to allow for the removal of these fluids. These drains are then emptied as needed by the surgical staff, or by the patients themselves once they return home.


The no-drain tummy tuck procedure is done in a different manner than the traditional abdominoplasty surgery. With this technique, liposuction is used to remove as much of the excess fat as possible. The pairing of liposuction with the tummy tuck allows for dramatic results while also cutting down recovery time.

After the liposuction, excess skin is removed as needed in order to smooth the contours of the body. The muscles are tightened and the tissue is reattached in a way that leaves no space for fluid to accumulate underneath. Progressive sutures are applied under tension to close the incision and minimize the resulting scars.

With this procedure, many patients are able to enjoy a greatly reduced recovery time and returning to their normal activity levels quickly.

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