Maintain a Healthy Look Through Even the Most Difficult Seasons

The sun is coming out later and going away sooner. We’re hanging up our tank tops and shorts for a pair of jeans and a light sweater. Which means, of course, is that the weather is taking us out of summer and into fall. With this change in temperature, sunlight, and moisture, it’s important to adapt your skin care routine. Here are some helpful tips to keep your skin looking refreshed, along with a couple of minimally invasive laser treatment recommendations to help give your complexion that finishing touch that you desire.  A complimentary visit with our aesthetician can help you sort out your needs.


Battling the Dry Days of Fall

Dryness of the skin can sneak up on you during this time of year. Even with all the rain, between the cooler temperatures, dry and gusty winds, and the heat turned up at home, your skin can dry out, making it itchy, tight, and irritated. During the fall, hydration is one of the major keys for proper skin care.

There’s less humidity in the air now than in the summer, so you’ll need to step up your moisturizing regimen to preserve the natural oils in your skin. You’ll want to find a moisturizer with SPF protection, too, because there is still a danger from UV rays sneaking past the clouds, even if it feels colder out. Making sure to drink plenty of liquids every day is an easy way to maintain skin hydration and elasticity (not to mention just being healthy for you in general).
It’s also a good idea to replace your scented body gel for a soap-free cleanser or body wash. We all have a hard time of letting go of our favorite body wash, but the truth is that heavier is better – those lighter creams and gels aren’t nearly as good for building up the oily barrier on the outer layer of skin to keep the moisture in during these harsher months.

Chapped lips are an all-too-common problem in the fall, so make sure to pay special attention to your lips. You lose ten times more moisture through your lips than from the rest of your skin combined. Apply a petroleum-based lip balm, both before and after applying lipstick.

Summer can often leave many of us with sun-damaged skin, leaving behind spots or even fine lines and wrinkles. As we prepare ourselves again for work or school this fall, we all want to look our best. A minimally invasive laser treatment can help add the finishing touch to your look for the new season with little to no downtime. A quick laser treatment such as an IPL Photo Facial or Erbium: YAG Laser Treatment works to tackle the various problems that the skin faces off against, such as spots, lines, or wrinkles that may have set in or worsened over the summer months.

When searching for a place to restock your skin care supply, the department store shelves may often seem to lack anything truly effective. You can often find several different skin care products and treatments with Dr.Burgess.

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