The newest trend in Plastic Surgery is not a new procedure, but rather who is requesting it. Minimally invasive body contouring treatments such as VASER Lipo and a non-surgical facial lift with Ultherapy have been gaining new popularity with the men.


Women are not the only ones who desire a flat belly. The goal of some men is to have a washboard set of abs but most just want to slim down.  Many have tried diet with exercise and have reached a plateau in their appearance.  In the past, cosmetic surgery was not a priority for many men, but many are now giving it serious consideration to fine tune their appearance.

With the increased availability of minimally invasive body contouring procedures and other nonsurgical treatments, more men have been rushing to the plastic surgeon’s office.  Is it because men are more comfortable seeking cosmetic help with their bodies or is it simply because men are less willing than women to undergo surgery?  It is probably a little bit of both. The shorter recovery periods and less invasive approach of these new treatments are probably what is most appealing to many men because it allows them to achieve the appearance that they want without having to sacrifice too much time from their daily schedules.

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