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CoolSculpting is a fairly new procedure and when people hear that it is a procedure that non-surgically reduces fat by freezing it, they often have plenty of questions for Dr. Burgess. Here are some frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting that should help to clear up any confusion you may have about the procedure.

How does freezing fat help to slim down my body?

The process that CoolSculpting uses is known as Cryolipolysis. When fat is cooled to extremely low temperatures, the fat cells begin to die. Over time, your body naturally absorbs these dead fat cells, resulting in a gradual slimming of the treated area.

Will CoolSculpting work for me?

CoolSculpting is best for men and women suffering from problems with unwanted fat that cannot be improved with just diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure or an answer to obesity. It can provide patients with up to a 20 percent reduction in fat in the treated area.

Can CoolSculpting be used as an alternative to liposuction?

CoolSculpting can be a great alternative to liposuction and with no recovery necessary can be more easily fit into a busy schedule. However, CoolSculpting may not be the best option for everyone. Dr. Burgess will discuss your expectations during your consultation to determine the right body contouring treatment for you.

How long does the CoolSculpting treatment last?

CoolSculpting with Dr. Burgess will last typically one hour per treated area. Most patients are able to fit treatment into their lunch break and return to work after just a couple of hours or less.

Is CoolSculpting painful?

During the initial cooling portion of your procedure, you will likely feel some pressure and an intense cold sensation. However, this will fade fairly quickly and you should be able to relax while reading, watching videos, napping or even getting some work done on a tablet while you’re away from the office.

When will I see the results of my CoolSculpting procedure?

Most patients notice improvements in their body’s shape in just three weeks. After about two months, you will begin noticing more significant results, which will continue to improve for about 4-6 months following your treatment with Dr. Burgess.

Will the fat come back after CoolSculpting?

No! Once the fat cells are frozen and gone, they are gone for good. However, it is still possible for you to gain weight if you don’t continue to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Just because you have had a CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t mean you can sit on the couch and watch television all day. Many men are women are more inspired to remain active and eat right once seeing the results of their CoolSculpting treatment.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk to Dr. Burgess personally about your CoolSculpting options in Portland, please give our office a call today.

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