Breast Augmentation Patients Report Better Life & Better Sex After Procedure

Do larger breasts really make everything better? Well, it would seem so according to new research in which over a third of breast augmentation patients report having seen an increase with their overall happiness in life. Next up, large breasts solve world peace! Okay…maybe not quite yet, but you get the idea.

Now, it is no secret that big breasts will more easily attract a man’s eye, but according to the study, implants will also give you a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom. 61% of the women studied say that they are having sex more often than they did before getting breast implants while 75% of their partners reported that their sex life was significantly enhanced after the procedure as well (pun intended).

Not only did women report to having a better time in the bed, but 34% also said that their level of “life satisfaction” had also dramatically increased. But why the big changes? Well, the connection is pretty clear. Self-confidence is critical for many women to achieve a pleasurable sex life. If her partner is drooling over her new body, the confidence boost that she needs is right there!

Have you been looking to spice things up with your partner? A breast augmentation can give you the confidence that you need to feel totally comfortable in the bedroom and your man will not be able to keep his paws off of you. It is important to consult a board certified surgeon before pursuing implants to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Here at Burgess Plastic Surgery, we provide our patients with Crisalix 3D Simulation to better work with you in achieving the exact results that you desire. Board-certified Dr. Burgess specializes in breast enlargement and will work with you to improve your own natural beauty and self-confidence.

Photo by Nick Onken

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