4 Ways to Lift a Sagging Brow at Burgess Plastic Surgery

A large concern for many of Dr. Burgess’ Portland patients is a drooping brow line, as even the slightest change to the eye area can make a person look older. Aside from aging, men and women tell Dr. Burgess that their sagging brow makes them look continually tired, sad, or angry. Fortunately, Dr. Burgess performs a number of procedures, ranging from non-invasive to surgical, that can help to open the eye and restore a youthful brow line. We have found that the best and most natural results are possible when you layer two or more of these anti-aging treatments.


Injectable Treatments

Properly placed botulinum toxins, such as Botox®, are able to raise the brow by relaxing some muscles while elevating others. Botox also work well to improve the appearance crow’s feet and frown lines (the vertical lines between the brows)—both of which can lend to the appearance of a furrowed brow. A quick procedure, Botox injections can take as little as 15 minutes at Dr. Burgess’ Lake Oswego practice.

Laser Treatments

Dr. Burgess also performs a Madonna lift, this is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is done on the eyelids and above the brow on a very low setting. Because of the low setting, it takes three treatments and it can take a few months to start seeing results. It can make the eyes look more open and help with the crepiness.


Ultherapy, an ultrasonic treatment, is also an effective alternative for men and women with mild to moderate sagging. Delivering heat energy, Ultherapy stimulates your skin’s own collagen production, which in turn tightens and lifts the skin above the brow. The only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to actually lift the skin, Ultherapy is perfect for those not yet needing or wanting to undergo a surgical brow lift.

Brow Lift

For patients with a significantly lowered brow line, Dr. Burgess suggests a surgical brow lift. The most permanent solution, Dr. Burgess will tighten tissues to elevate your brow to a more youthful position. A brow lift reduces the sagginess of your brow line as well as minimizes forehead wrinkles, reshapes the eyebrows, and improves the appearance of a hooded eyelid.

Bringing a youthful position to your brow line can enhance and enliven the rest of your facial appearance. Each approach can work very well for the right candidate. Working with you, Dr. Burgess will assess what brow-lifting procedure will achieve the results that you want.

Find out what procedure is best for you by scheduling your consultation at Burgess Plastic Surgery today.

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