For Several Years Before My Facelift…*

For several years before my facelift and neck surgery, I would look at myself and my “saggy jowls and turkey neck”, and say to myself – I wish I had the nerve to do something – but I knew I would probably never do anything, mainly because I never spend money on myself.

One day, I casually said to my daughter, “I think I’ll have a facelift.” Knowing me, she knew I would never do it. However, unknown to me, she made an appointment with Dr. Burgess and did not tell me until 2 days before the appointment and then went with me so I couldn’t change my mind and back out.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Dr. Burgess was wonderful, as was her entire office staff. She explained the procedure in detail and I felt that day, completely comfortable with my surgery scheduled.

It has been one year since my surgery and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I had told most of my close friends, but people who did not know would comment how good I looked. Some I hadn’t seen for 10-15 years said I hadn’t aged a bit. But the best was my 5 year old great-niece, asked if I had a new neck (I hadn’t seen her for one year).

Again, I am completely satisfied with my experience. Dr. Burgess and staff were wonderful before surgery, during, and follow up appointments. I recommend them to anyone. Thank you again!*

Female, Age 67
Face/Neck Lift
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