See Those Double D’s in 3D

Five Fun Interactive Breast Augmentation Tools

There are lots of cool tools out there for visualizing what you could look like with breast implants…some let you upload a photo and others have you enter your current measurements to show you through animation what the difference could be.

Sculpt My Dream

The newest tool is from Vectra3D, who also has created a high-tech visualization tool for plastic surgeons to use in the office. The online version is easy to use and fun to play with!

Cool feature: You can turn on and off the bikini top with 1 click!

Love Your Look

You can use their model or upload your own photo and change your size! This website was created by Mentor, one of the major breast implant manufacturers.

Cool feature: If you like, you can create your own “Look Book” and save your photos to show to your plastic surgeon later. You don’t have to register for the site if you click the link that says “continue as unregistered guest.”



Natrelle’s Consultation Kit

Order the kit for just $39 and get a complete try-on package in the mail that includes two sets of try-on implants. Also comes with a stretchy bra, a DVD, and a booklet about breast augmentation. Some plastic surgeons provide the kit for free during a consultation.

Cool feature: Ok, admit it, it’s tons of fun to have try-on implants to play with. You can throw them at your office mates and freak them out too.

Order your kit online at https://natrelle.com/pre_consultation_kit.aspx

Surgery Morph by BreastImplantsUSA

Upload any photo of yourself and use this fun tool to change any part of your body!

Cool feature: Send your photos to anyone when you’re done “morphing!”

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