How to Prevent Maskne and Create a Smile under the Mask!

  • Avoid wearing any facial foundation or make up since it will clog up pores with heat under the mask
  • Wash or change your mask frequently
  • Use medical grade skin care products for clean skin and to prevent mask break outs
  • Create a palate of clear, clean skin by doing no downtime facial procedures during the summer
  • Focus on your eyes that are seen above the mask

Avoiding makeup or foundation while wearing a mask is important. The heat and moisture from our breathing turns the foundation into putty and clogs up the pores. The bacteria in the moisture is leading to “maskne” or mask acne in the areas of the mask. Washing or changing your mask frequently can help with the bacterial buildup.

The definition of make up is “cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance”. So why wear make anyway? Makeup or foundation for the face is designed to even out flaws, cover brown/red spots and disguise blemishes. However sometimes the heavier foundation gets stuck in wrinkles in the skin and makes it looked caked on, especially as we age. This disguise only brings more attention to the skin. Sometimes people even go for the tanning bed or sun to try to disguise these things with a tan and unfortunately it only makes it worse. This increases your risk of skin cancer and only creates more sunspots and advanced aging with loose and wrinkled aging skin. My goal has always been to try to have clear, clean skin with few blemishes and age spots. This has been a lifelong goal since I have always struggled with acne, oily skin and larger pore size after years of being in the sun. But the skin that I had when I was younger is different now that I am in my 50’s. Regardless on the age, the final goal is the same of clean, clear skin with a youthful glow.

Medical grade skin care products can help even out the playing field by providing products to help with brown spots, red areas, skin cell turn over, pore size, acne, wrinkles, etc. These products alone can lead to clarity of skin so that makeup can be avoided. The four skin care lines can be tailored to people’s varied and changing skin types over the years. Just like brushing your teeth regularly, good medical grade skin care will continue to maintain and improve your skin but it is particularly important with the masks. Even the skin’s natural debris and dead skin cells can clog pores and lead to bacterial growth leading to maskne.

If you want to make even more improvement, then consider no downtime facial procedures any time of the year.

*Our top procedure is the Hydrafacial. This is the next generation of facials that will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, do a light chemical peel, suction out the pores to make them smaller, and add customized boosters to help with your skin needs. This procedure will literally clean and gently suction out all the gunk that is stuck to your skin while under your mask. If you can’t do this once a month, at least try every other month. One nice side note is that this procedure is relaxing and we all need this right now for just a few minutes of escape. Many of our patients undergo dermaplaning separately or prior to the hydrafacial. The provider takes a butter blade to exfoliate and remove the dead skin and fine vellus hair. This makes any treatment afterward more effective because it doesn’t have to work through the debris and hair.

*For another treatment, many of our patients enjoy the SecretRF (microneedling with radiofrequency) to improve skin tone, texture, aging, acne scarring with tissue contraction. This can be done on any skin type and can lead to improvement of skin quality over the next several months. It is usually done in a series. Many of our patients do a combo of alternating Hydrafacials prior to the SecretRF for the best results.

*The newest addition to our practice is Aquagold Microinfusion Glow treatments or Aquagold fine touch. This is a customized cocktail for the skin that stamps in micro-hyaluronic acid, microtox, serums and vitamin C. The glass-like glow of the skin holds the moisture due the hyaluronic acid placed in the dermis, and the microtox decreases pore size. The serums and vitamin C brighten the complexion.

*Another option is IPL and Laser Genesis. These treatments are for browns and reds on the face including sunspots and vessels. The Laser Genesis will work on diffuse redness, plus brighten the skin for decrease oil production and no downtime. I personally love the IPL and Laser Genesis combo.

The last mask improvement issue is actually above the mask… It’s all about the eyes! Check out this section on our website where we have clearly laid out improvements for the eye area which includes brow elevation to open the eyes and surgical or non surgical treatments of the eyelids. We often think about eye creams, ThermiEyes, Madonna lift, brow Ultherapy and Botox. In addition, a blepharoplasty can remove some of that excess eye skin. Latisse rounds out the eye presentation with thicker, longer lashes in all ages.

Our experienced staff are here to answer any of your questions about all these options. If you would like to learn more about skin care or procedures in Lake Oswego, please call Burgess Plastic Surgery during office hours at 503-905-9255 or email to [email protected]. We look forward to discussing fixing the maskne!


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