Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lifts

With the passing of the years, it’s normal for our foreheads to begin a downward descent. The upper eyelids may take on a hooded appearance as the heavy brow pushes down from above. Wrinkles and folds develop across the entire upper third of the face. If you are unhappy with these issues, then a brow lift performed by Dr. Elisa Burgess may be right for you.

Here are a few things to know about this rejuvenating procedure:

  • A brow lift creates a smooth, lifted, youthful forehead. In a brow lift, the tissue and muscle underlying your forehead is lifted, repositioned, and tightened. Excess, sagging forehead skin is removed and/or lifted as well. This procedure lifts the whole forehead and brow area back up to a naturally youthful appearance. The results can have a positive effect on your entire face, opening up the eye area and creating a smooth brow.
  • It may be the right way to eliminate that tired, aged, frustrated look. Unfortunately, a heavy and drooping brow tends to make the upper part of your face look collapsed. It changes the youthful heart-shape of the face and causes the upper eyelids to droop over your eyes. You may be so sick and tired of hearing people ask you if you are angry, sleepy, or frustrated, when you know that it’s simply the appearance of your face that is causing people to infer these emotions.
  • A brow lift may raise and “open” the upper eyelids. Sagging upper eyelids can be rejuvenated with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), a brow lift, or a combination of both procedures. To determine what will work best for you, Dr. Burgess will examine your face. You’ll both look together at how your brow and other facial features are affecting eyelid appearance.
  • It can be performed endoscopically. Brow lifts of the past relied on an open technique that made a long incision across the hairline, allowing the surgeon to access the treatment area by folding back the brow. Today, we have much less invasive techniques available to us. Depending on the severity of drooping, you may be a good candidate for an endoscopic brow lift. During the procedure, Dr. Burgess makes a series of small incisions behind the hairline. Through these incisions, she inserts an endoscope with a tiny camera on it, which allows her to reposition and lift skin and tissue without a long, open incision.

Another surgical option for brows is a TBS, otherwise known as Transcutaneous Brow Shaping. In this procedure, the incision is made in the brow line and the skin is excised above it. However, if you are looking for a non-surgical option, Burgess Plastic Surgery offers multiple treatments including the Ultherapy Brow Lift, Botox, ThermiEyes, and more. To learn more about these procedures, check out our page “All About Eyes” on our website.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive and there is so much more to know about brow lifts! The best way to get answers to all of your questions and to find out if a brow lift is right for you is to arrange a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Burgess in Lake Oswego, near Portland, OR. To schedule your appointment, please call our team at 503-699-6464.

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