Body Contouring Procedures for a Beautiful Body this Summer

Summer is almost here, and while you might be spending more time at the gym and cleaning up your diet these days, don’t overlook the benefits of a plastic surgery procedure to take care of some of those figure flaws. Body contouring in Oregon is designed to get rid of excess skin and fat left behind after weight loss or pregnancy.


Undergoing surgery that gets rid of stretched skin and localized fatty deposits could be just what you need to achieve your ideal figure just in time for bathing suit season.

Here are some body contouring procedures that can help you achieve a beautiful body this summer:

CoolSculpting ®

This innovative, in-office procedure at Burgess Plastic Surgery is a non-invasive option for improving stubborn pockets of body fat. This non-surgical technique works well on areas that you can pinch like love handles, back fat, and the stomach. It was also recently FDA approved for outer thighs. There is little to no discomfort, zero downtime, and you will start to see results in as little as four weeks after treatment. More dramatic results will develop within two to four months.


Dr. Burgess often recommends ultrasonic liposuction VASERlipo™, an ultrasonic liposuction, as part of a body contouring package because many patients have larger deposits of unwanted fat that are creating an unbalanced silhouette. Whether your problem areas are your love handles, tummy, inner thighs, knees, or back, liposuction will help to get rid of those extra pockets of fat permanently.

Breast Lift

If you have sagging breasts or are self-conscious about drooping breasts after multiple pregnancies or weight loss, talk to Dr. Burgess about the breast lift procedure. The breast lift can also be a part of a body contouring package and can be combined with breast implants to create a more attractive silhouette. A breast lift can reshape sagging breasts and reposition the breast tissue to a more attractive position. If you want to look great in a bathing suit this summer or just want to restore your pre-pregnancy figure, talk to Dr. Burgess about the benefits of a breast lift.

Tummy Tuck

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may be left with loose skin around the stomach and an undefined waistline. A tummy tuck is designed to remove excess skin and fat around the midsection and repair the abdominal wall muscles. Excess skin and fat will not respond to diet and exercise alone, which is why body contouring in Oregon may be your best option for achieving that tight and toned midsection. If you are not planning on having more children and are at a stable body weight, talk to Dr. Burgess about the benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

Undergoing plastic surgery now could help you achieve that perfect summer-ready body! Set up yourbody contouring consultation or mommy makeover with Dr. Burgess today.

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